Elliott Chose Forever Firecheck® - A Case History

         A Case History

  One less thing that can go wrong with door sets. Forever Firecheck® is a Morland Fit Out Products fire rated door frame jamb solution that fully encapsulates the intumescent seal within the jamb. This has the benefit that the seal cannot work loose or be removed, producing a safer product with a lower maintenance cost.
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  Elliott is the UK trading name of the global modular builder Algeco. Elliott were shown Forever Firecheck® by Morland at its’ launch in 2018.
Jim Cowell the Technical Director of Elliott reviewed the product and said;
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"A basic risk assessment of a fire door determines it will not work with the intumescent seals missing.
The British Woodworking Federations’ Fire Door Inspection scheme reports that 61% of fire doors inspected in installations across the UK  have a problem with the seals.
That is a truly frightening landscape.  Read on arrowLearn More...