Elliott Chose Forever Firecheck® - A Case History

         A Case History


So, for Elliott it is attractive to eliminate a detail that could go wrong. The seals in the header of door frame are defying gravity, relying on 15mm of self-adhesive tape to hold them in place. The smoke seals interact with the opening forces of heavy fire doors so it is not hard to understand how a seal can work loose over time.  Elliott take every step it can to ensure our buildings comply with every aspect of the building regulations including passive fire protection.
Forever Firecheck® Twisting forces on traditional Intumescent Seal
Forever Firecheck® stops the fire seal from being able to work loose and has been tested and proven by Morland to work effectively in the event of a fire. Smoke control is provided by batwings fitted to the door stop so there is no friction from the action of the door working them loose.
Morland even go to the trouble of fitting the smoke seal to the door stop in their factory so it can not be overlooked on installation.” Forever Firecheck® Quote Close
  Forever Firecheck® Prefitted Smoke Seal
  Elliott are adopting Forever Firecheck® within their standard detailing on fire doors to have that peace of mind Forever Firecheck® gives.
  Forever Firecheck® means there is one less thing to go wrong with fire doors and is welcomed by Elliott. Read on arrowGo Back...