Euroclass B Fire Retardant Formica Faced Panels

Modern U.K. Building Regulations call for the use, especially in public areas, of internal fit out materials that conforms to stringent fire regulations, as set out in Approved Document B of the UK's building and fire regulations.

To meet the regulations, material components of panels cannot be tested in isolation: the combination of the laminate, adhesive and substrate must be tested in the form they are to be used. Any change to one of these components necessitates re-testing and subsequent certification. Morland, in partnership with Fomica and Medite have ensured a robust solution is provided for this with our fully certified product ready for easy specification.

Available in 2440 x 1220 or 3050 x 1220 in thicknesses of 15, 18, 20 and 22mm the material is based on a Medite core bonded with an FR grade Formica finish, providing a large range of colour and grain options. There are few Formica finishes not available in the FR grade but all the colours, patterns and woodgrains are. We can also offer FSC® certification for the whole panel construction when required.

Morland understand the characteristics of the substrates and the surfaces and so can recommend panel formulations for your particular requirements. For advice or a quote please Contact Us.

Morland Euro Class B Formica Faced Fire Retardant Panel

Euroclass B Fire Retardant Formica Faced Panels

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Morland’s Euroclass B Fire Retardant Formica Faced Panels are tested to EN13501 using 15mm Medite MDF bonded with Formica 0.7mm HPL face.

Applications For Interior Use:

  • FR Wall Panels For Public Areas
  • FR Partitions
  • FR Ceiling Panels
  • FR Access Panels


  • Conforms With Approved Document B
  • Attractive Finish
  • Easy To Install
NBS Information/ Specification

Specification Resources

Morland outline specifications are available in NBS Plus format. These can be downloaded below or they can be produced using the NBS tool to the right.

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Morland’s Euroclass B fire retardant decorative panels are tested to EN 13501 using 15 mm Medite MDF bonded with a Formica 0.7 mm high pressure laminate face. Fire resistant medium density fibreboard (FR-MDF) offers a tough, smooth surface with no imperfections which is suitable for many commercial applications. The panels are bonded on both faces with either a matching or balancing high pressure (HPL) Formica laminate to ensure stability and FR approval.

Specification Details EN13501 Class B S1 D0
Core Thickness (mm) 15 18 22
Dimensions (mm) 2440x1220 up to 3050x1220
Tolerance - Thickness (mm)
EN324-1 (+/- 0.3)
Tolerance - Dimensions (mm) - UNCUT PANELS ONLY EN324-1 (+/- 3mm)
Tolerance - Edge Damage (mm) - UNCUT PANELS ONLY 10
Tolerance - Perimeter Registration - UNCUT PANELS ONLY -/+ 5mm
Average Density 800KG per/m3 (+/- 10%) (15mm)
Core Manufactured Standard EN622-5
Core Property FR-MDF
Formaldehyde Release Class E1
Moisture Content EN322 (5-9%)

FSC® - Available on request

EUTR Status Compliant - Sourced within the EU
CE Marked No
Material Safety Data Sheet Available On Request

Additional Features
Quality Feature Unit Result Standard
Resistance to dry heat Rating 4 EN 438-2:2005
Resistance to water Rating 3 EN 438-2:2005
Resistance to staining Rating 4 EN 438-2:2005
Light fastness (Xenon) Grey Scale 4-5 EN 438-2:2005
Resistance to Cigarette Rating 3 EN 438-2:2005

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