Forever Firecheck® reel fed production

Morlands' Forever Firecheck® stops the safety critical component in fire door assembly, the intumescent strip, from coming loose. Typically the strips are held in place by sticky tape, but interaction with the door stresses that bond and they can be lost over time. A recent report from the British Woodworking Federations Fire Door Inspection Scheme found 61% of fire doors had problems with the seals.

Forever Firecheck has the following benefits:

  Forever Firecheck® Forever Firecheck®

The seal is behind a decorative wrap so it cannot work loose.

Forever Firecheck®

Unsightly plastic seals no longer impair the aesthetic of a timber door set.

Forever Firecheck®

Plastic use is eradicated as the seal is no longer encapsulated in plastic.

A 3 minute video explaining the product and the production process can be found below.
Tested under the BWF Certifire scheme using Mann McGowan graphite seals Morland have proven that their profile wrapping technology does not impair the effectiveness of the Mann McGowan seal.

The seal is reel fed into a groove in the frame in Morlands’ factory at 18 linear metres a minute, achieving a very cost effective door frame and seal solution. If a client wants to retain a “visual clue” that the frame is fitted with fire seals then the moulding can be changed to put an indicator groove in.

The decorative wrap can be a simple paint grade recoatable material, or a veneer to match the door.

Lifting the blade of a hinge allows the graphite seal to be seen.

Smoke control is achieved by use of a pre-fitted perimeter seal that Morland fit to the door stop in the factory, so it can not be “lost” on site.

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