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Morlands' Forever Firecheck® is the registered trade name of a patented invention (Pat. GB2546328). The product is a firecheck door frame system with concealed intumescent seal.

An intumescent strip is real fed into a frame using specially designed through feed machines.  Morland then wrap the frame in a décor such as veneer and the seal is encapsulated.

Samples of this product can be ordered in our online shop HERE.

The only fully encapsulated intumescent door frame seal on the market.

  • Forever Firecheck® is the registered trade name of a patented invention from Morland (Pat. GB2546328).
  • Forever Firecheck® eradicates the need for plastic encapsulated intumescent strips entirely.
  • Huge choice of decors available including TLF, CPL and Veneers.
  • The seal cannot be damaged  or removed, either from wear and tear or wilful act.
  • Unsightly plastic seals need no longer impair the aesthetic of timber frames.
  • Available as Morland Door Sets or as seperate framing components.
Forever Firecheck® Shortlisted For BWF Process Efficiency Award 2018


Morland are pleased to announce that Forever Firecheck® has won the BWF Process Efficiency Award 2018, awarded for implementing lean processes, maximising value for money, quality and speed of delivery.

The winners for this years event were announced at the BWF's popular annual dinner Friday 23th November 2018.

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Forever Firecheck®

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CE Marked Doorsets

With the forthcoming arrival of CE marking for fire doorsets it is imperative that the doorset manufacturer is able to ensure the correct seal stays in place through installation and decoration.

Standard practise on site is to remove seals for the decoration of the frame and to then replace them. Even temporarily removing them and re-instating them invites errors and reduces the adhesion the strip has to the frame making certification compliance questionable. Forever Firecheck® requires no further finishing ensuring certification compliance is maintained.

Mental Health Facilities

Intumescent seals have been associated with a number of harmful incidents and standard practice now is to cut strips into small lengths and screw them into the frame. Forever Firecheck® negates this requirement by wrapping the intumescent seal.

“High end” Residential Door Frames

For installations where the door and frame are a key design aspects, such as luxury apartments, the requirement for a plastic strip in the frame is unwelcome. Forever Firecheck® allows the strips to be hidden away.

NBS Information/ Specification

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