Innovative Solutions For Frames & Architraves

Morland molds and wraps its own door liners, architraves and stops providing choice, flexibiliy and assurance of quality control for our customers.

FSC® certified material is supplied as standard with available MDF grades including both Moisture Resistant and Fire Retardant.

Frame components can be supplied as paint-grade finish where required, ready for a final paint coat. The benefits of this approach over primed MDF are increasingly recognised – denibbing and undercoating on site are no longer necessary, saving time, labour and materials. 

Alternatively as part of our larger Morland Egger door offer we can also offer frames and architraves fully finished with decorative foils or wood veneers, allowing customers to suite frames to match design finishes across the build.

NEW IN 2018

Morland is proud to announce it can now offer Forever Firecheck™ it's patented technology (Pat. Pending 1600870.8) firecheck door frame system with concealed intumescent seal as part of it's door frame solution.

Morland Frames and Architraves

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Door Frames & Architraves

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Morland's inovative Frame & Architrave solutions are designed to make assembly on site simple and accurate

Part of Morlands larger door offering, our frames and architraves are offered fully finished to minimise onsite finishing requirements or as paint grade finish to allow for customer choice.

Key Features:

  • A wide range of lining widths are available.
  • Liners can be supplied as long lengths of profile, as two jambs and a head, or as a fully serviced and assembled frame.
  • Liner servicing options include hinge and latch cut outs.
  • Frames are assembled using confirmat screws to ensure solid fixing.
  • Architrave and stop can be supplied in loose lengths, cut to length, or mitred.
  • Mitres are highly accurate.
  • We offer the Hoffmann jointing system as a way of ensuring perfectly aligned and secured joints.

For more information on our full door offer, please see here: Morland Egger Doors

Morland Frames & Architraves


Suited Door Frames and Architraves

Morland Door Frames and Architraves are ideal for suiting with our larger Morland Egger Door Range. They can be co-ordinated perfectly with other surfaces using Egger finishes. High impact surfaces can be protected with laminates while vertical surfaces can use melamine. More details about the Morland Egger Door Range can be found here

Morland door frames and architraves as part of your suited interior

Morland Suited Doors IconSuited

Morland deliver co-ordinated finishes with exact cost controls.

Morland Doors Don't Require Book Matching IconBook Matching

No need. All Morland doors are a consistent durable colour.

Morland suited interiors using Egger Finishes

View FileNewmor Group Ltd T/A Morland BSI Certificate - Quality Management System ISO 9001    Size: (802.25 KB)
View FileNewmor Group Ltd Certifire Certificate CAF211    Size: (149.06 KB)
View FileNewmor Group Ltd FSC Certificate SA-COC-004316    Size: (486.98 KB)
View FileMorland FD30 ITT Door Assemblies Certificate CF5533    Size: (289.38 KB)
View FileMorland Egger FD30 FD60 Doors Acoustic Performance Norseal Test Report    Size: (3.6 MB)
View FileMorland Doorsets Installation Guide    Size: (386.97 KB)
View FileMorland Doorsets Maintenance Guide    Size: (158.33 KB)
View FileMorland FD60 ITT Door Assemblies Certificate CF5655    Size: (389.11 KB)
View FileMorland Quickfix FD30 Glazing Bead System CF5241    Size: (183.88 KB)
View FileMorland Solid Core ABS Lipped Severe Duty Durability Report 44mm    Size: (302.34 KB)
View FileMorland Solid Core ABS Lipped Severe Duty Durability Report 54mm    Size: (289.97 KB)
View FileMorland PAS24 Security Doorsets - Certificate No CS 5077    Size: (117.52 KB)
View FileMorland Secured by Design License Certificate 2021 -2022    Size: (138.43 KB)
View FileMorland Internal Flush Timber Doors - Introduction - 2020 - 2022    Size: (2.03 MB)
View FileMorland Internal Flush Timber Doors - Safe - 2020 - 2022    Size: (1.85 MB)
View FileMorland Internal Flush Timber Doors - Sound - 2020 - 2022    Size: (1.7 MB)
View FileMorland Internal Flush Timber Doors - Suited - 2020 - 2022    Size: (1.1 MB)
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