Morland internal flush timber doors using Egger cores and finishes.

Morland are a primary manufacturer of Fire Rated Doors, third party certified with Certifire to ensure performance when needed most. Working with Egger, Europe's leading manufacturer of matching laminate, solid core doors and wood based panels, Morland allows you to create stylish suited interiors on mass market budgets.

Winner of the British Wood Working Federation Product Design in Wood Award 2017 - Click here for further information.


Morland fire doors based on Egger cores are tested by Exova to BS476 Part 22 (1987) and are third party accredited by the British Woodworking Federation under the BWF-Certifire Scheme.


Morland fire doors based on Egger cores have been tested by Sound Research Laboratories to BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010, achieving 32dB sound reduction from 44mm doors.


Morland doors faced with Egger melamine or laminate match perfectly with other Egger surfaces in the room design.


Morland doors are supplied as FSC 100% content and can be supplied as door sets with FSC MIX 70%.

FSC® Certified Morland Internal Flush Timber Doors


Morland is unique for modular and portable building companies, combining core competencies in decorative panels, MDF moulding and door manufacture. This allows you to source doors, panels and profiles direct from the manufacturer.

The Modular and Portable Buildings Brochure details our stocked range of products targeting the temporary building market. It also gives you a flavour of our fire door offering and our bespoke panel and profile offerings.

Download Morland Modular and Portable Buildings Brochure
Morland Egger Doors

Got any Questions?

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Include Doors Within Your Interior Design

Include Morland Egger Doors in your interior design

Morland's vision is to allow the designs and features of Egger surfaces to be included on internal doors in an easy and cost effective way

We have created our range of doors around decors that are readily available in the UK which can be applied to our doors and matching furniture board, so that the co-ordination of decors is perfect.

Egger offers over 300 decors, so if a decor that you are considering isn't in the Morland Doors Range Guide but is in the Egger collection, then it may be possible to deliver that as a door solution. It will depend upon quantities and lead times.

Our sales teams can provide the detail on combining doors and furniture elements with complimentary colours, textures and surface quality. They can also provide guidance on surface selection and tailoring the lowest cost solutions. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

The entire Egger decor guide, to which our door range is designed to be a companion, can be seen at:

Morland doors are ideal for:

  • Hotel and hospitality
  • Offsite construction
  • Student accommodation
  • Hospitals
  • Military accommodation
  • High-end developments
  • Schools

To request a Morland doors brochure please click Here.

Egger offers over 300 decors

NBS Information/ Specification

Specification Resources

Morland outline specifications are available to download below.

For specification in downloadable PDF format please see here


Fire Doors Are A Vital Safety Device Engineered To Save Lives And Property

Morland Certifire Scheme Member

As a participating member of the BWF Certifire Fire Door Scheme, Morland is rigorously third party assessed and audited, providing you with the security and confidence that our product will perform as expected when it matters most. In addition, the BWF Certifire labelling scheme provides traceability throughout the supply chain, ensuring you can always contact the manufacturer if further information on the fire door is required.

Morland is a BWF Certifire Scheme Member

For more information on the BWF Certifire Scheme please visit:

Morland Fire Doors IconFire - FD30/FD60

Morland fire doors are compliant with Part B of Building Regulations. They are tested in the UK to BS476 part 22. The Global assessment Chilt/A13085 rev C gives the full details.

Morland Secure By Design Doors IconSecure by Design

Morland has PAS23/24 Secured by Design approval for door sets. At the time of writing, Egger doors have not been incorporated into that scope, but this will be included in due course.

Morland Durable Doors IconDurability

Tested to BS EN 1192/DD171 Severe Duty.
For many years BS DD 171 : 1987, provided the frame work to which doors and door sets could be tested and evaluated. This standard is now superseded and strength and durability are now classified and tested by European standards. Morland doors are compliant with both sets of standards.


30% Less Noise With Morland Doors

Since July 2003 Building Regulations in England and Wales have included stringent specifications for resistance to passage of sound. Duty of care and quality of life requirements in residential properties mandate a minimum sound reduction of 29dB on residential threshold doors and 30dB for school classrooms.

Morland’s 44mm solid core door leaf achieves a 32dB reduction tested to BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010 standards.

Morland Doors 30% Less Noise Graphic 1

Morland Doors 30% Less Noise Graphic 2

Making a shout into a whisper

The decibel scale is logarithmic. An increase of 10dB equates approximately to a doubling of perceived sound.

The 44mm Egger door blank reduces the passage of sound by 32dB. Building Regulations require 29dB so the additional 3dB might seem insignificant. However, being logarithmic, 3dB represents a 30% additional reduction in sound transfer.

Morland Doors Passage of Sound IconPassage of Sound

Morland fire doors comply with Part E of Building Regulations (test C/22323/T01 conducted by Sound Research Laboratories). In the test the 44mm thick FD30 door achieves 32dB and with the addition of drop seals and glazing can achieve 35dB. The 54mm thick FD60 door achieves 34dB and can score 36dB with additional seals and glazing.

Morland Good Night Guaranteed Doors


Morland Doors Match Perfectly With Other Egger Surfaces

The perfectly co-ordinated interior can now be achieved without a massive budget. High impact surfaces can be protected with laminate and more general vertical surfaces can use melamine.

Morland Egger door edge banded and suited

Door Appearance

Morland is able to edge band doors in finishes that exactly match the door face using Egger finishes, so the colour co-ordination is maintained.
To provide you choice, or for DDA purposes, contrasting finishes can also be applied by Morland to support themed design elements.

Door Operation

With the increased air tightness demanded in new construction, the force required to open a fire door can be significant, leading to failure to comply with Part M of Building Regulations on maximum opening forces.  
Morland puts a 2mm radius on the lipping so the opening force required is not hindered by a vacuum forming around the door seal.
The 2mm ABS edging used makes the door edge highly resilient to the knocks received in daily use.


Timber doors for ensuite facilities are subject to moist, humid conditions.
If the door top is exposed timber the changes in moisture can cause the door to warp and bind in its frame.
Morland doors are lipped on all four sides to prevent moisture ingress.

Site Finishing

Morland doors are fully-finished and the lipping does not require laquering on site. A leading edge can also be applied in the factory if required.
The width tolerance on Morland door leaves is +/- 1mm so adjustment on site is unnecessary.

Morland Suited Doors IconSuited

Morland deliver co-ordinated finishes with exact cost controls.

Morland Doors Don't Require Book Matching IconBook Matching

No need. All Morland doors are a consistent durable colour.

Innovative Surface Textures & Colour Consistency

Finishes have evolved rapidly over recent years thanks to technical innovation, becoming increasingly realistic both in surface look and feel. Grain and texture can now be aligned, producing a product indistinguishable from solid wood finishes.

Demonstrating this evolution, below are three generations of Egger’s oak decors:

  1. Light Ferrara Oak developed over 10 years ago, and still popular today.
  2. Natural Hamilton Oak, a more textured, realistic oak decor from 2012.
  3. Sand Gladstone oak from the new generation of Feelwood finishes where printed grain and texture align.

Egger finishes comparison over time

Morland has taken advantage of these developments with our doors. Wood finishes not only look and feel real but eliminate the need for book matched pairs as every door is a consistent colour. Surface properties also comply with current wear standards and regulations (EN438:2005) so you can specify them safe in the knowledge that they offer high resistance to abrasion and scratches. To top the offer off, if a replacement door is needed it will perfectly match what is already in situ.


Morland Doors Are FSC 100% Content, Door Sets Are FSC MIX 70%

What's On The Door Face?

Durability is key with door faces; UV lacquer sealed wood veneers and painted finishes are tried and tested solutions for doors. The down side to wood veneer is that over time the UV lacquer wears and the doors, where handled regularly, begin to show discoloration from dirt. With painted doors it can be time consuming to achieve a consistent high quality finish on site.

What is on the door face?

Morland provides solutions by producing either Melamine or Continuous Pressure Laminate (CPL) faced doors. In general CPL has the highest durability rating of any finish and the Morland offer brings that option into a never-seen-before price bracket. Melamine, veneer and paint have similar durability ratings, but the melamine finish from Morland is the most cost effective.

Surface Wear Comparison Grid

Morland doors surface wear comparison grid

High traffic areas such as circulation doors and entrance doors can be specified with hard wearing laminates ensuring extended life cycles.

Doors that need to withstand lower levels of impact such as rest room doors and wardrobe doors can be faced with more cost effective melamine.

Morland Doors Sustainable Products IconSustainable

Both Egger and Morland operate an FSC chain of custody certification scheme, thereby allowing all the timbers elements:

✓    To be sourced with full traceability back to responsible forestry.
✓    The look of tropical hardwoods without harm to the environment.

Morland Doors Access Doors Icon Access Doors

Morland doors are available in wider door widths as required by Part M of Building Regulations.

What Is Inside The Door?

Hollow Core 18mm - 50mm

Hollow Core

Morland Hollow Core Doors Cutaway

A premium look combined with lightweight, high strength, sustainable materials, make Morland hollow core doors an ideal solution for domestic doors and commercial wardrobes.

Morland Hollow Core Doors

FD30 Fire Doors 44mm

Solid Core & FD30 Fire Doors

Morland FD30 Fire Doors

High quality materials make these ideal for higher traffic severe duty cycle areas. Tested to BS EN1192.

Morland Solid Core & FD30 Fire Doors

FD60 Fire Doors 54mm

FD60 Fire Doors

Morland FD60 Fire Doors Cutaway

As with the FD30 fire doors, these are tested to BS EN1192, making them suitable for high traffic severe duty cycle areas.

Morland FD60 Fire Doors

Lead Time / Quantities

How Does The Supply Operate?

Doors are generally made to order with certain popular decors, including white, carried in limited stock quantities.

Morland CPL Faced Fire Doors

CPL Faced fire Doors

Thanks to the fact that Morland has an extensive range of door laminates off-the-shelf and so small orders (not less than 10) of laminate faced doors, pressed and lipped by Morland, are usually filled in 7 to 10 days.

Morland Melamine Faced 44mm Solid Core  Fire Rated & Non Fire Rated Doors

Melamine Faced 44mm Solid Core Fire Rated & Non Fire Rated Doors

These doors are produced pre-decorated by Egger in Hexham and are delivered to Morland for lipping and processing. Typically this requires a minimum order quantity of 72 and a 4 week lead time.

Morland Melamine Faced Hollow Core Doors

Morland Melamine Faced Hollow Core Doors

These doors are produced in Austria and shipped in full loads to Morland for lipping and processing. Typically this requires a minimum order quantity of 120 per colour/width and requires a 6 week lead time.

Morland Door Sets

Door Sets

For wrapping profiles with Egger decors, Morland requires a minimum order quantity of 100 sets. The lead time for this is 6 weeks. For doors in paint grade frames the minimum order quantity is 10 and the lead time is 4 weeks.

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View FileMorland PAS24 Security Doorsets - Certificate No CF 5802    Size: (516.63 KB)
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