Morland Eradicate Plastic Strips From Fire Door Frames.

Plastic bags, cotton buds, plastic stirrers and straws are all on the UK Governments hit list. However the plastic encapsulated intumescent strip lives long. Too long in the opinion of both David Attenborough and Morland.

With this in mind Morland have developed a fire rated door frame system, Forever Firecheck® under their patent GB2546328 where the intumescent material is held in place by the “wrap” Morland put onto their MDF Mouldings, eradicating the need for the traditional plastic encapsulation entirely.

Morland Forever Firecheck® Concealed Intumescent Seal Traditional Fire Door Frame Intumescent Strip

The wrap can be paper, vinyl, veneer or laminate. Tested and approved by Warrington Certifire this innovative fire safety product will be launched at UK Construction Week in October 2018.

Mike Bebb, Morlands’ product manager says;

“Morland have unique competencies in the reel application of decorative surfaces so it was a logical step for our factory. We now reel off the graphite strip at 25m per minute as part of our standard production process. Fitting plastic seals is a fiddly process. They flick out on the CNCs, they get lost on site, they work loose overtime and they are unsightly. At a stroke Forever Firecheck® addresses all of those shortcomings and additionally eradicates millions of linear metres of plastic use per year. What's not to like? “

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You can visit Morland at UK Construction Week 2018 in the NEC Birmingham on stand M300 from 09 - 11 October 2018. To register click HERE.


Morland are pleased to announce that Forever Firecheck® has been shortlisted for the BWF Process Efficiency Award 2018, awarded for implementing lean processes, maximising value for money, quality and speed of delivery.

Winners are to be announced at the BWF's popular annual dinner Friday 23th November 2018.

Forever Firecheck® Shortlisted For BWF Process Efficiency Award 2018
Forever Firecheck® to Launch at UK Construction Week 2018

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Morland continue to trailblaze in the firedoor market with their new wrapped fire door frames product that includes a concealed intumescent strip.

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