Paul Millington, formerly of Kabinwall has joined the Morland sales team.


It is true. Paul Millington, formerly of Kabinwall, has joined Morland and will be heading up the sales activity for their construction division in 2019.

For the last 13 years Paul has been focused on the modular and portable industry and his decision to join Morland is testament to the business being built by Andrew Warren and the team there.

Paul Millington joins Morland as their Modular & Portable Building key accounts manager

Paul said.” It was one of the biggest decisions I have taken, but once I laid out all the pros and cons it was clear to me the scale of opportunity at Morland was too good to miss. They have invested in modern production facilities with a stable, trained and motivated workforce. No small achievement in 2018.

They also operate a next day delivery warehouse, so customers can get the benefits of dealing direct with the manufacturer, without having the associated lead time or minimum order quantity barriers.” 


Andrew Warren commented “Morland have been growing rapidly in the modular and offsite industry and we knew it would be advantageous to get someone with a real depth of knowledge of the market and the products. It is hard to think of anyone with a better pedigree for that role than Paul Millington.

In the medium-term Paul will look after the modular industry and the newly emerging offsite housebuilding sector. Morland understand the requirements of factory build and our logistical ability to deliver just in time, batch specific products in closed packaging loops is our U.S.P.

Morland specialise in fully finished products and this helps our customers eradicate wet trades for their production processes, so they can achieve more output.”

For sales enquirees Paul can be contacted on +44 (0)1938 551 980 you can also download his vCard in the downloads tab or alternatively please use our online Contact Us.
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Paul will be heading up the sales activity for the construction industry with a particular focus on modular and offsite construction.
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