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Offsite Fit Out Solutions Morland announced today its arrival as a specialist supplier of fit out materials for the OSC industry.  Andrew Warren has been appointed to take the capabilities of Morland into the OSC marketplace.  Andrew explained “Morland has been around for forty years and supplies the leisure industry with batch-specific bills of materials to rolling production lines.  This capability means that OSC does not have to stop at the basic building element.  With Morland, the contractor can have delivered components wrapped, mitred, and machined to suit the job.  We aim to complete the processes needed so that fit out requires no construction or painting on site and is simply a matter of flat pack assembly.  This is a missing piece from the OSC jigsaw and Morland has the experience and know how.”

The business is part of Newmor Group based in Welshpool.  The Group operates over 150,000 sq feet of production space on an around the clock basis.  Family owned and run, Morland already supplies the fit out materials for around 15,000 holiday homes and 30,000 caravans every year.

Commenting on the appointment Morland director James Morris said “We have kept a watching brief on the growth of the OSC sector for some time.  We believe the sector is still in its infancy, but as it develops the offer of a JIT pack of fit out materials requiring no wet trades or craftsmen will prove to be attractive.  To stop the principles of OSC at the structural element leaves the job only half done.  Our experience with recreational vehicles and homes means we can engineer solutions that are durable but light.  Implicit within being light is less mass and that helps with sustainability. With our more enlightened customers we operate closed packaging loops and plan to have ISO 14001 by the end of 2009.

Andrew brings a wealth of experience of supplying timber solutions to the construction industry and his appointment is testament to our long term intentions to OSC.”

For more information contact Andrew Warren on 01938 551 980 or Contact Us.

Offsite Fit Out Solutions

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Morland announced today its arrival as a specialist supplier of fit out materials for the OSC industry