Morland Door Sets, Frames & Architraves

The principle behind the Morland door set is to make the assembly on site as simple as possible. Because we are able to finish the frames and architraves off site they can be suited to exactly match door leafs and furniture. Paint ready or contrasting finishes can also be applied as required by the design. All door sets are supplied serviced for hinges and can be fitted with applicable ironmongery as standard.

Morlands door sets, frames & architraves offer includes:

Morland Egger Doors

Suited, efficient to instal door sets that can include fire or none fire rated doors frames and architraves. With Egger finishes to match specified designs these are ideal for high-end residential developments, hotels and student accomodation

Door Leaf Servicing

Morland can service fire rated or non fire rated door leafs efficiently and accurately. As licensed modifiers under the Certifire scheme our customers are assured of traceability and materials quality.

Door Frames & Architraves

Morland molds and wraps its own door liners, architraves and stops providing choice, flexibiliy and assurance of quality control for our customers.

Forever Firecheck™

Forever Firecheck™ is the trade name of a patented invention from Morland (Pat. Pending 1600870.8). The product is the industries only firecheck door frame system  with concealed intumescent seal.

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