Morland Non Fire Rated Doors

Morland supply fully finished internal timber doors. Our range spans: hollow core lightweight doors for the leisure and construction industry where the surface decor is suited to match the furniture and weight is a consideration; to performance solid core doors where we offer either our own Morland Egger solid core doors or use manufacturers such as Vicaima. We can supply either door leafs or complete door sets and also service and glaze doors. Complimentary mouldings for the frame, stop and architraves can be produced and ironmongery either from your own or our supply fitted as required.

Our none fire rated door range includes:

Morland Egger Doors

Morland internal flush timber doors. Door kits and door sets using Egger cores and finishes.

Working with Egger, Europe's leading manufacturer of matching laminate, solid core doors and wood based panels, Morland allows you to create stylish suited interiors on mass market budgets.

Door Frames & Architraves

Morland molds and wraps its own door liners, architraves and stops providing choice, flexibiliy and assurance of quality control for our customers.

Door Leaf Servicing

Morland services fire rated and none fire rated door leafs efficiently and accurately, we also supply the ironmngery such as handles and hinges where required or can work with our customers suppliers as prefered.

Wardrobe Doors

Available either for domestic or commercial applications Morland's wardrobe doors are an elegant, highly competitive door solution ideal for pairing with our Face Frame Robe System.

If you would like to talk to us about your specific non fire rated door requirements please Contact Us.

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