Morland Profiles

Fully finished solutions for finishing timbers such as skirting, architraves and cornices are just some of the applications for wrapped profiles and mouldings. Finishes available include tough laminate finishes (TLF), Veneers and paper foils.

Using the most advanced machinery in the business, Morland is able to produce finished profiles from substrates including wood, plastic or metal and has a number of highly efficient post finishing processes available including:

Optimised Cross Cutting

Mitring & Hoffmann Jointing

Throughfeed Drilling

Bagging & Labelling

We produce the most efficient profile cutting solution based on your part drawings, saving material and time. Our through feed saws cut to an accuracy of +/-0.1mm and can process thousands of lengths per hour. Door liners, architraves and furniture components are accurately mitred on several floating head saws. Morland is also able to add Hoffmann dovetail joints to sections to produce perfectly aligned and tight mitre joints, without the need for any further fixing. Profiles, often for applications in kitchens and bedrooms, are drilled on multiple faces in single passes. All profiles, processed or otherwise, can be bagged and labelled for direct supply to customer showrooms or warehouses.  We even box and package parts to suit your business requirements.

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