Morland Wrapped Profiles – Printed

Morland specialises in volume bespoke supply, providing customers with the ability to specify substrate, decoration and profile for fabrication in our production facilities.

We produce fully finished products with designs optimised for ease of fit and cost effectiveness using tools that are purpose made to suit wrapped profiles.

We wrap MDF, PVC extrusions, aluminium, hardwoods, softwoods and polycarbonate; this allows us to optimise for the application taking into account strength, weight & heat resistance. We can use the same decor across a range of substrates allowing finishes to remain consistent throughout a fit-out.

Shown above is a small selection of the printed finishes, however there are thousands of choices available. More details on the types of wrapped profiles available can be found in the below link.

Please Contact Us for advice on colour, structure, molding or substrate and we'll be happy to assist.

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