Morland's Panels, Profiles & Prefit business units are merging

Here at Morland we are continually looking at ways to improve our business processes to better serve our valued customers.

As our Morland businesses continue to develop it has become apparent that there is an increasing amount of overlap between the business units and that this can cause unnecessary duplication for our customers where they are dealing with 2 or more of the business units. As a result of this we have decided to merge the Morland business units into one entity with effect from 1st July 2017. This new entity continues as a trading division of Newmor Group Ltd so the current Company registration number and registered office details remain unaltered.

Any purchase orders placed prior to this date will be automatically transferred over to the new name and all documentation from that point on will just carry the 'Morland' identity. Customers are able to maintain 3 separate Morland accounts on their systems following the merger if they so wish but it would be helpful if they could migrate to 1 account at their earliest convenience..... (Cont)

No need to worry - to see the full letter, including account information and advise on how to proceed, please click the link below.

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Three Become One: Morland Panels, Profiles & Prefit Business Units Are Merging

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Morland is merging it's seperate wood processing business unit's in order to create a more efficient work flow and improved customer outcomes.