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Morland has a long and proud history of providing exemplary service and superior products to it's customers. Below are a selection of stories about how.

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Forever FireCheck is Morlands' Fully Encapsulated Intumescent Seal Solution


 One less thing that can go wrong with door sets. Forever Firecheck® is a Morland Fit Out Products fire rated door frame jamb solution that fully encapsulates the intumescent seal within the jamb. This has the benefit that the seal cannot work loose or be removed, producing a safer product with a lower maintenance cost.

Elliott Chose Forever Firecheck®

Elliott is the UK trading name of the global modular builder Algeco. Elliott were shown Forever Firecheck® by Morland at its’ launch in 2018.
Jim Cowell the Technical Director of Elliott reviewed the product and said;
Forever Firecheck® Quote Open
"A basic risk assessment of a fire door determines it will not work with the intumescent seals missing.
The British Woodworking Federations’ Fire Door Inspection scheme reports that 61% of fire doors inspected in installations across the UK  have a problem with the seals.
That is a truly frightening landscape.  Read on arrowLearn More...



Glazing Costs Reduced By Up To £10 Per V/P Using C.G.I & Morland

Glazing Costs Reduced By Up To £10 Per V/P Using C.G.I. & Morland

A case study. Michael Pepper Joinery.

In April 2012 C.G.I. gained Certifire test evidence CF257 for their Pyroguard product using a seal that costs less than traditional glazing seals. The seal had another benefit, Andrew Warren, Commercial Director of Morland takes up the story.

 “Morland mould and wrap MDF and have supplied the door industry for some years with fire rated glazing beads. We looked at the new seal C.G.I. had tested and believed we could apply it with our wrapping equipment at speed. The trials proved successful and we launched Quickfix bead at the start of 2013.”

Joe Pepper, Associate Director of Operations for Michael Pepper Joinery Ltd, looked at the finish on the bead and was pleasantly surprised. “I thought wrapped MDF would not look right against a veneered leaf. However, the print finishes Morland use have the right emboss and sheen levels. In some cases a hardwood moulding can be difficult to lacquer to the same reflectivity as the leaf. The contrasting reflectivity draws the eye to the bead and can make it unsightly.  Quickfix bead looks the part and cost savings are always welcome. We use Pyroguard as our preferred glazing system so there was no change management required there. “


 Cost Savings Analysis.


A typical hockey stick 25mmx21mm bead in MDF costs around £0.70p a metre and with the tested C.G.I seal this increases to £1.00 a metre.

Depending upon the species hardwood bead 2 X 50 x 25 sawn section would cost anywhere between £0.50p to £1 a metre. Purchased as a fully finished moulding that figure increases to between £1 and £2. Mould your own costs are hard to prove but most estimators use £0.50p a metre for moulding and £0.20p for lacquering. So a typical lacquered hardwood bead in oak is circa £1.20p a metre increasing to £2.20p for the likes of walnut.

Seal costs vary between £0.60p a metre for a basic FD30 strip to over £2.00 a metre for U channel systems.

So comparing the Quickfix bead fitted with a seal at £1 a metre with a hardwood moulding either made in house or bought in, the savings can from £0.50p a m for and FD30 oak bead and seal  to £3 a m for a walnut FD60 bead. On a classic 1500×200 V/P this equates to between £1.70p and £10.00

Time Saving:

  • No labour time to apply seal.
  • Lots of tolerance in the seal makes fitting quicker

Waste Reduction.

The bead is supplied in 3m lengths with no knots, twisting or warping so yields are much higher than with irregular lengths of hardwood.

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Morland say it is not luck to get three cherries in a row

Morland say it is not luck to get three cherries in a row

On a recent student accommodation project in Nottingham the client wanted to differentiate their accommodation with a superior fit out. The architects choose a cherry veneer for the doors and frames and Morland Fit Out Products were invited by Construction Services (Mansfield) Ltd to tender for the door-sets.

Andrew Warren Commercial Director for Morland takes up the story:

"The wall thickness were significant and we quoted offering two choices; a solid section frame, and one based on veneer wrapped MDF. It was a perfect example of the impact veneer wrapping can make to door-set projects as the saving between the two options was well over £10,000 just from using wrapped MDF rather than solids. Morland carry a large inventory of wood grain finishes and were able to give the architect a choice of effects to best match the cherry door veneer.

Once the finish was agreed we were able to get into production straight away and avoid the delays often associated with the availability of materials for hardwood specifications. 261 fully finished cherry doorsets were delivered to site in full on time, allowing the building to be handed over to the client for the start of the academic year as scheduled."

Mr S Hunt, Managing Director of Construction Services (Mansfield) Ltd said “It is always an issue in the school holidays to get manufactured joinery on time, amidst factory shutdowns. Morland performed well in terms of the commercial choices they gave at the start and the quality of product and service delivered on the contract”

Defect Free Door Sets

Morland Defect Free Door Frames

Maintaining painted timber door sets in high traffic areas is not easy.  The frames are vulnerable to knocks that can scratch or chip the paint.  West Middlesex University Hospital built an emergency care centre in 2011 and wanted to ensure the highest standards of infection control. They asked Morland to provide a solution.

Problem – How to protect the door frames so they are scratch and impact resistant.  Post formed laminate has been used in the past, but it is slow to form and very expensive.

Solution – Toughened Laminate Finish (TLF) is an application Morland can apply to architectural profiles.  The finish has been tested to EN 438-2:2005 and achieves the highest rating for resistance to mechanical damage, water, staining & dry heat.  Morland moulded MR-MDF, applied the TLF process, and used that material for the door framing.  The costs proved to be lower than for traditional painting because of the efficiency with which Morland can apply the surface finish.  The doors were Vicaima’s production with an HPL face and 2mm PVC edge banding that also had edge protection on high circulation areas.

Result – Defect-free fully finished door sets that require no paint maintenance.

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Glazing Costs Reduced By Up To £10 Per V/P Using C.G.I. & Morland

Morland say it is not luck to have three cherries in a row

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