Globally Competitive Fire Doors From Morland

Fit out material supplier Morland makes some bold claims for its entry into supplying fire doors: “The best value fully finished doors in the UK.”

Andrew Warren - Morland Commercial Director

Commercial director, Andrew Warren, elaborates on the supply chain that delivers this value. “The door blanks are Eggers’ production from their UK facility and this chipboard core compares favourably with the continental production that dominates the UK market currently. However, it is the use of melamine as the door surface that is more significant to achieving competitive advantage. The production line that applies the surface decor is the same one used for the furniture board production on an industrial scale. I have yet to see a door production line that has this efficiency.”

The door blanks come into Morlands’ facility either with a melamine face or blank for bonding with high pressure laminate.  At the end of 2016 Morland commissioned a purpose built edge banding line to apply ABS lipping directly to the core on all four sides as standard.

A UK core, faced with melamine and edged with ABS has the lowest cost of any fully finished fire door production method that we benchmarked stated Andrew Warren. So are they fit for purpose ?

Morland wanted to be highly credible that the fire doors are safe. So they are selling the doors through the BWF Certifire scheme: labelled; third party accredited. 

"We know that the market will be concerned that the doors are not hardwood lipped so we thought it best to go for the gold standard."

It is not just the fire performance that underwrites the value proposition. The Morland door gives 32dB without the expense of fitting acoustic seals and can reach up to 35dB with seals. Andrew observes it is taken as a given on chipboard cores that the door will require a seal to achieve 31dB. Often the supply and fit of seals adds between 10 to 30% of the cost of the leaf.   

Egger is a world leader in the realism of its’ wood grain designs, now architects have the ability to suite the door to other furniture elements in the room to create a perfectly co-ordinated interior. Edge banded doors look better than exposed lipped doors which is the norm for this method of construction.

To round things off the supply is 100% from responsible forestry with certification under the FSC® chain of custody scheme.

James Morris, MD of Morland summarises the launch. “We saw no reason to become a primary door manufacturer to be a niche expensive supplier. Morland has harnessed the cost effectiveness of MFC production and sought to deliver a fire door solution for the mainstream fully finished door market.  We have been benchmarked by the large players creating the rapidly expanding offsite construction sector so we are confident our globally competitive claims stand up to scrutiny".

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BWF Fire Certification Scheme

Globally Competitive Fire Doors From Morland

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